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Data Forged Summation by Dale E. Van Cor
The goal of Data Forged is access to 3D print files of standardized parts and the freedom to create them at any resolution on demand. The choice of resolution is for matching the limits of 3D fabrication equipment capacity for the highest surface finish possible.

The biggest difference Data Forge has is in curved surfaces. All CAD systems create excellent straight line data that convert into reliable 3D print files. Curves are handled with splines, a mathematical shortcut that approximates a curve which works in drawing and is fine in low resolution apps. CAD threads are notoriously poor so usually holes are printed in the part and threads manually tapped. Data Forge will use the CAT process; Computer Aided Three-dimensional process; that creates the curve data at the printers resolution. More on the CAT process can be found in this document link. The comparison is the CAT process will output hundreds, even a thousand times more 3D print surface data then CAD. Not a problem, once the part is printed, the print file can be erased and recreated when needed. Data Forged condense warehouses of standardized parts into digital bites on your computer that grow into bytes when you want it.

The Data Forge web site is the development of the delivery system. There has been extensive research and patenting of a new genre of threaded connections that can found at Data Forge will start with threaded nuts, bolts, studs and screws that will include the choice of standard (UNC) threads or use conic, wave, concentric and key threads.

Once the nuts and bolts are operational expansion will begin in plumbing, pneumatic, hydraulic and other gas and fluid connections. They will have standard pipe threads and a choice of conic, wave, concentric or key threads. Then Z engineering tools can be added to create seals.

I previously invented and patented new gears and transmission system that can be seen in the That work included creating software for 4-axis CNC machining helical gears. Adding helical, spur and worm drives to Data Forged will be much easier then the threads.

I need help transferring this technology into the marketplace and only in an exclusive relationship that brings experience in eCommerce. You have to be New England based. Proposals can be sent to for a meeting.