z engineering pressure test

This is the first successful test of 3D printing a seal on a pipe thread. The cap is on a brass nipple purchased at Home Depot. It was hand tightened without glue or gaskets. The test was to hold 30 pounds of air pressure for 24 hours. It is part of "Z Engineering", a new patent pending way to enhance 3D printed parts using the strengths of 3D printing. This is the light weight flavor, the heavy weight will make hydraulic and pneumatic limited by the material strengths. This will be a significant choice in all gas and fluid 3D connections. The fastener catalog will to be brought on line first.

Wave Form ZVP2D27815G1125 3

These stress concentration graphs are some test to reduce the stress on the beginning and end of a thread, and incease it in the middle. The green and purple were the better candidates. This if a very novel thing to be able to do. The effect is on the tapered threads of a pipe. Because of the taper, the ends are weaker. This will reduce This is another example of the new kinds of tools that these new types of threads have.

YKVP2D27815G125L1 2

The part above is from an STL viewer showing what the 3D STL printed part will look like. These threads will work better on larger diameters, so it is best to weed out the ones that will not screw together on the smaller diameter. This part was printed and it fully engaged. Note how irregular the threads are in changing their width. Because of the cone shape, the male penetrated half way. Because of the large amplitude, the crests pass through the roots until they fully engaged. This part is the green line in stresss grapth above. This thread is an inch long. In practise it would be the male end of a 10 to 12 inch diameter pipe.

Wave Pipe Thread

This is a test part of a wave threaded pipe connection with a linear stress distribution. All these threads engage in one rotation.

These are examples of the research of gas and fluid connections. These tools allow connections to be made stronger by being able to change how stress is distributed. This is very unique.