Who is building Data Forged?

Dale E. Van Cor had a software development business 1982-2000 delivering 57 menu driven, turn key systems for 28 customer. These were business systems that covered the range of controlling time, money, and materials. The biggest were distribution systems, the most complex a cost modeling system.

This financed the development of the Van Cor Transmission, an invention of new gears and a transmission that changed speeds under load without a clutch. Included were two US, PCT, EPO and Taiwan patents with 43 and 39 claims. Version 7 of the engineering software included 4-axis CNC machining. Four and eight speed concept prototypes were built. The conic gear was so new it could not be kinematically described or predicted with current engineering methods.

From the work on the conic gear, the conic thread was discovered. This is first total surface contact thread. There are five, patents issued on three. All three have software systems to engineer and fabricate parts. The wave thread had a 3-axis CNC software that generates the machining gcode. Most of the work went into wave thread because it could evenly distribute stress which made it up to 20% stronger. In the past year, the focused shifted to making gas and fluid seals.

What is needed to commercialize these threads is a way to get them into a market place for others to play and experiment with to see if it it can solve problems. The solution is to improve a range of current products and provide comparable replacements.

The software being developed to produce the Data Forged parts is Computer Aided 3D PrintingTM or CAP3DPTM. CA3DP is different from CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) in that there are no drawings, it generates 3D image files at any desired resolution. The files selected in the online store will be build at any resolution on the customers computer; they are not copied. The application is to have catalogs of parts that can be made.

Once the CAP3DPTM software is operational, the next step is create a range of plumbing, drainage, and pneumatic parts and get them into the marketplace. This is the process where an engineer takes over the parts catalog development and the store manager brings it online. Dale will concentrate on adding valves, gears and other types into the CA3DP process..